Groborz International Spedition & Logistik Sp. z o.o.
PL-44-217 Rybnik, ul. Zebrzydowicka  117
Tel/Fax: 0048 32 4240220



The efficient planning and execution of the projects include environmental aspects of transportations eliminating non-efficient commuting and empty mileage and therefore excluding unnecessary pollution of the environment.

Our fleet consists of vehicles meeting the highest ecological standards according the exhaust emission. We also take careful attention to the technical conditions of our trucks.

Further we apply eco-friendly principles in our daily office work with garbage segregation, re-cycling of outdated office equipment and saving paper through extensively using electronic ways of communication (email, phone, texts, etc.).

Company data

GROBORZ International
Spedition & Logistik Sp. z o.o.
ul.Gliwicka 150 C
44-207 Rybnik

NIP: PL6422496860
REGON: 273734874
KRS:  0000201074

Groborz International Spedition & LogistikSp. z o.o. PL-44-217 Rybnik ul.Zebrzydowicka 117 Tel./Fax 0048 (0)32 4240220,

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