Groborz International Spedition & Logistik Sp. z o.o.
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Our main business bases on complex international transportation service and accompanying logistic activities throughout Europe.

After an accurate identification of your business needs we will offer you a suitable and efficient solution for each individual task. The constantly growing requirements of the Pan-European logistics market are covered by a wide range of services that we provide, such as:

  • International road transportation throughout Europe
  • Complete loads (FTL)
  • Partial loads (LTL)
  • Express transport - quick deliveries
  • Special transportation - heavy and oversized cargos
  • Monitoring of the current shipment status
  • Accompanying formalities – preparing the export and transit documents, customs service, consulting



With a modern, technically efficient and environmentally friendly fleet of trucks, as well as with our certified partners we can flexibly provide you with the following vehicles:

  • Tractors with semi trailers of the length of 13,60 meters and capacity of 24,8 tons, which can carry 33 euro pallets ( tilt trailers / curtain trailers, box trucks, coil hole trailers, thermal and fridge trucks).
  • Mega trailers for the high elements (3 meters high).
  • Small trucks of capacity 3,5 tons, 6 tons and 12tons for carrying the smaller or lighter goods.
  • Vehicles with large capacity with the length of 15,40 meters / 120 cubic meters / 38 euro pallets / capacity from 3,5tons till 12 tons and 24,5tons (tandems, jumbos and sets).
  • Special equipment for carriage of the heavy and oversized cargos, low-loaders, open trucks
  • Trucks adapted to convey the dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Schedule buses up to 1,5 tons of payload / 8 euro pallets for express deliveries
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GROBORZ International
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Groborz International Spedition & LogistikSp. z o.o. PL-44-217 Rybnik ul.Zebrzydowicka 117 Tel./Fax 0048 (0)32 4240220,

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